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Off to London. :)

Yes a weekend break finally. I'm off to London for the weekend with my Sister. Off from work for 4 days. :) Going to see a few attractions there. So i'll c you guys on sunday o monday. Hope you have an awesome weekend just like me. Ta!

Been thinking a lot........

These past few months been thinking a lot about how i can grow career wise. I've been doing my job for 10 years already but seems like i've hit a brick wall. Now its seems like a routine for me. I find that my job is basically draining me physically and mentally.

I've spoken to some career advisor already. I'm really hoping by going to Uni again will help me grow more.But first I have to learn the basic again cause they said I've graduated a long time ago. Its a bit of a set back and I do have second thoughts but thinking back. This is the only way forward.

Hope that I am making the right decision.

Going For a Holiday!! \(^o^)/

Hiyaah. I'm going for my long awaited holiday to Spain tomorrow. I will be gone for a week so i won't be online around at that time. I'll definitely going to miss LJ. Anyway hope everybody's ok and i'll you guys in a weeks time. (^0^)/
Just noticed that i only do 5 days morning or late shifts and the rest are night shift.
Now my body clock is totally ruined. :(
I tend to sleep more on days than on nights and whats worst is even if i'm off its like that.
The sun gives me a headache or hurts my eyes.
Gosh i know now what vampires feel.
I really need to change my job. O__O


Finally 11 days off from work. At least i'll have a little time for myself. :)
Going to see our aunt in the Netherlands for 5 days
then back here in the uk just chill en out and doing nothing. LOL!!
I'll be offline in 5 days so i'll see you guys when i get back. \(^0^)/

Phew I'm finally Off for two days.:)

Finally seven night straight shifts is over.
I'm two days off. XD
I think i'll just sleep and eat all day long. :P
Whats weird is that my eyes can't tolerate that much sunlight.
It just aches when ever its to bright.
Gosh i think i'm more of a night person now. 0_____0
Well mine would be this. ^^

I really like the characters. The plot was simple and kinda typical. Loving your male best friend , and dare not confess. It is so sweet and honest that always leaves me saying "awww". Thats probably the reason why if I ever hear Shounen Ai manga its "Gerbera" that I always think about. Also the art was lovely. I like Makoto Tateno's works. XD

Last Night shift tonight. :)

Well actually i think i'm getting used to it already. 0____-
I get sleepy on the days and awake at night.
Also i get hungry on nights at around 11pm to 3am.
God help me if i'm back on day shifts. :P

Another shift finished. ^^

2 more to go. :)
The inductee didn't turn up last night. Her name was crossed off. o__o
I don't know what happened and i was all geared up last night for her induction.
Oh well probably she decided not to come and didn't want the job anyway?